sleeping cat




tenshiikisu on tumblr

the original background is from here, but i edited the colors for my site!

HyperCard Archive

this is where i got my favicon!

web-png on tumblr

just a few anime pngs that i've been using

Oh pixels' tumblr

lots of pixel graphics so many

Spriter's Resource

pngs of sprites from thousands of games

Rei's Graphics

super cute aesthetic graphics

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection

very huge collection! go to links out page to find it

Graphics Resource by shrimpcat

super slay graphics resource listing

Coopie.neocities - cocosbag

collection of cutesy/kawaii graphics, im using some of their own right now too!

Style Dollz

where people get those really cunty dolls from to use as graphics

Rem00's Stamp Tutorial on Neocities

im addicted to making stamps now


This is what I use to make the gifs for the currently watching section on my home page! Im thinking of making a tutorial for it


Interactive CSS Grid Generator

this is my favorite grid thingy because its easy to understand and intuitive and i literally used it for this page

proud grid enthusiast! >:)

w3 schools logo
w3 schools

me when im crying over my simple code not working


very cool and useful layouts that helped me start out with my site

Custom Scrollbar Maker

tool to help u make a custom scrollbar. ive used it for a few pages alr!


amazing audio player for ur blog that is like Winamp. im a youngin so idk what that is but its cool to me :D


compilation of hover effects for css + ez to use