cutething sleeping cat


i kill fascists made for google chrome neocities common slay made with notepad++



tenshiikisu on tumblr

the original background is from here, but i edited the colors for my site!

HyperCard Archive

this is where i got my favicon!

web-png on tumblr

just a few anime pngs that i've been using

Oh pixels' tumblr

lots of pixel graphics so many


Interactive CSS Grid Generator

this is my favorite grid thingy because its easy to understand and intuitive and i literally used it for this page

proud grid enthusiast! >:)

w3 schools logo

w3 schools

me when im crying over my simple code not working


very cool and useful layouts that helped me start out with my site

catblinkie miku blinkie welcome reigensweep stay hydrated sims addicted f word miky pls interact


4-4-23: added

  • yall its been so long ive been so busy with school.
  • guestbook
  • profile link

3-8-23: added

  • new diary entry!

2-27-23: added

  • favorite sites list!
  • i will have my own button soon

2-13-23: added

  • FINALLY finished my first shrine
  • and shrine page. go check it out!

2-10-23: added

  • scrolling 'currently watching' section! i will update this when im watching a show i rlly like!

2-4-23: added

  • resources page (will add more over time)

1-31-21: added

  • a diary entry cuz today was an awful day :[

1-27-23: added

  • new layout!!!! i love it i made it from SCRATCH im a real gamer now

1-18-23: added

  • art page!
  • im still working on my sims page lmaoo

1-4-23: added

  • music page!

12-26-22: added

  • about me page! this took an entire day...
  • happy holidays!
  • still working on that sims page

12-20-22: added

  • random graphics cuz im bored
  • working on the sims page!!!

12-19-22: added

  • diary page
  • diary entries from november

12-4-22: added

  • more graphics!

12-3-22: added

  • first layout
  • home section