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guyss i joined a webring oh em gee

i kill fascists made for google chrome neocities common w made with notepad++ project diva button delete twitter anime is gay as hell but i approve youre telling me a quuer coded this?? i support piracy S! L! U! T! SLUT!


my name is issi ~ this website is just for me to talk about all the things i love. i want to meet friends with the same interests as me. and im always open to talk! my main (consistent) interests include: punk subculture, anime, and fashion.

a prepetual work in progress :]

currently watching

sasaki and miyano
Sasaki and Miyano
opening scene
Skip and Loafer
answer the question meme joanfk hehehehe
Clone High
misa sad sparkl gif its giving tumblr
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Which Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Model Are You?
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coming soon!

  • anime page

  • many shrines

  • i think my next shrine will be FMA!

  • fashion stuff

  • maybe a button?

  • hair page


catblinkie miku blinkie welcome reigensweep stay hydrated sims addicted f word miku pls interact punk rocker chick jack off jill this site is anti hate



  • happy pride month pt2
  • joined the mii webring! my first one!
  • almost at 13,000 views thats insane


  • my sims save file page is finally up, but its only the gallery and family tree rn bc storytelling is hard



  • added show to the showcase
  • i am a joanfk stan!!!


  • fun stuff on the main page (ive been wanting to add for months)
  • couple more resources


  • short little journal entry life update!


4-9-23: added

  • a few new blinkies
  • new shows im watching

4-6-23: added

  • finished sims4 mod list page

4-4-23: added

  • yall its been so long ive been so busy with school.
  • guestbook
  • profile link

3-9-23: added

  • sims page (wip)
  • 3-8-23: added

  • new diary entry!

2-27-23: added

  • favorite sites list!
  • i will have my own button soon

2-18-23: added

  • i accidentally overwrote the old layout so... no more pink ig
  • i was getting tired of pink anyway
  • also added a new show im watching

2-13-23: added

  • FINALLY finished my first shrine
  • and shrine page. go check it out!

2-10-23: added

  • scrolling 'currently watching' section! i will update this when im watching a show i rlly like!

2-4-23: added

  • resources page (will add more over time)

1-31-23: added

  • a diary entry cuz today was an awful day :[

1-27-23: added

  • new layout!!!! i love it i made it from SCRATCH im a real gamer now

1-18-23: added

  • art page!
  • im still working on my sims page lmaoo

1-4-23: added

  • music page!

12-26-22: added

  • about me page! this took an entire day...
  • happy holidays!
  • still working on that sims page

12-20-22: added

  • random graphics cuz im bored
  • working on the sims page!!!

12-19-22: added

  • diary page
  • diary entries from november

12-4-22: added

  • more graphics!

12-3-22: added

  • first layout
  • home section
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