concerts ive been to

Vision Video and Tears for the Dying

The Masquerade - 5/18/24

Me and my friend got there early enough to be on the barricade! I was very happy since I'm so short i wouldnt be able to see at all if I wasn't at the front.

Before Vision Video, Tears for the Dying came on to open. My favorite song was Keiju , and they also played a cover of Jolene and it was beautiful!!!. I've seen them perform before so I was screaming like a fangirl. AND THEN MY FRIEND GOT HANDED AN AUTOGRAPHED SETLIST

tears for the dying on stage

Ive been listening to Vision Video since 2022. My favorite song is Inked in Red. Ive seen them preform before also, but I was still breathtaken by their sound. Between each song, they explained the politics behind all their lyrics. It reminded me why I began to love alternative music in the first place. I felt so safe and accepted.

I also got to show them my cat and they said she was adorable. I love cats...

vision video lead singer on stage vision video keyboardist on stage

Along with their original songs they also played a cover of Just Like Heaven. It went crazy. The club was TURNTTTTT

so ya highlight of my summer.