cd collection

radiohead - the bends
simple plan - no pads, no helmets... just balls
my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge
avril lavigne - let go
sleater kinney - call the doctor
pearl jam
siouxie and the banshees - through the looking glass
jimi hendrix - electric ladyland
the cure - disintegration
radiohead - ok computer
tears for the dying - in the shadow of the midnight sun
Vision Video - Inked in Red
Best of Inuyasha
aikatsu - calendar girls
velvet underground

The Bends

Radiohead - 1995

Favorite Song(s): High and Dry, Black Star

Source: N/A

Obviously Radiohead is amazing and all their records are amazing and stuff. Idk what the consesus on The Bends but I love it because of its relatability for myself. I find myself connecting to this album much more than the others, even if they are better masterpieces in musicaility.

No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls

Simple Plan - 2002

Favorite Song(s): I'm Just a Kid

Source: N/A

Ngl I bought this because I recognized I'm Just a Kid from the tiktok trend. Crying to this song is one of my favorite passtimes

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

My Chemical Romance - 2004

Favorite Song(s): To The End

Source: Barnes and Noble lmfao

Literal peak. Confession: I haven't really listened to the rest of their music because this album was so lifechanging that it was enough for me. I wish i got into this type of music earlier in my life. Gerard Way = the real Jesus.

Let Go

Avril Lavigne - 2002

Favorite Song(s): Sk8er Boi

Source: Barnes and Noble

I was very mislead before I acquired this album. I assumed since it had sk8er boi, it was like a pop punk ass album. it really is not. I was a little dissapointed. The other songs arent bad but they just really arent my style. I like Complicated just for the nostalgia. sry queens

Call the Doctor

Sleater-Kinney - 1996

Favorite Song(s):

Source: Wuxtry Records

i havent listened to this album yet in its entirety bc im scared i wont like it. and if i dont like it that means im not a true riot grrrl, and my whole identity falls apart. so. yea i got nothing to say yet. maybe one day ill get over myself.


Pearl Jam - 1991

Favorite Song(s): Even Flow

Source: N/A

Similar to simple plan, i got this album because i recognized the band from one song that was trending. I have yet to listen to the whole thing :(

Through the Looking Glass

Siouxsie and the Banshees - 1987

Favorite Song(s): The Passenger

Source: Wuxtry Records

There are some real bangers in here. Again, I don't know the fan consensus on this album but I think its great, and I wanted to comment on something I thought was special. In this album there is a cover of the song Strange Fruit, first performed by Billie Holiday. The bands rendition is horrifying and captivating. I think it perfectly encapsulates southern gothic elements. The true horror of the south. I wonder how the band felt when they recorded this. As a black alternative girl, this song and this cover means a lot to me. I hope that was their intent.

Inked in Red

Vision Video - 2021

Favorite Song(s): Inked in Red

Source: Merch Stand!!!

I'm so lucky to have seen Vision Video perform twice in the past year. I actually found them in 2022 from tiktok and fell in love with the song Inked in Red. A lot of my CDs are from retro vintage ass bands that Ill never get to see. Sometimes I need to remind myself to listen to recent releases and keep our beloved scene alive. u can find me gushing on the concert and fav page lol.

Best of Inuyasha

Various Artists

Favorite Song(s): "Fukai Mori"
"Owarinai Yume" (Unending Dream)

Source: Retro Saikou - Momocon 2024

This is a collection of all the openings and endings from the Inuyasha anime. I have nothing to say except its iconic. iykyk.

Aikatsu Best Album - Calendar Girls

Aikatsu! - 2014

Favorite Song(s): Calendar Girls, Glass Doll,
Take Me Higher

Source: Retro Saikou - Momocon 2024

This album is a collection of the songs from the first series of Aikatsu! I only watched the first series up to around s3 since i hate change. I probably will talk more about Aikatsu on my anime page, but it was one of the first anime I watched intentionally. Its an idol show targetted at little like so I dont even think i was the target audience. But I fell in love with the music in middle school so it is nostalgic for me. This CD came with 2 discs and AIKATSU CARDSS!!! i never thought id have my own aikatsu card but 10 years later i have one!!

rest of albums coming soon!